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How Coastal Areas Celebrate the Holidays

mermaid costumeCoastal areas all over the world enjoy certain things that are not available in areas that do not have access to a large body of water. The people who live along large lakes, rivers, and oceans are able to go swimming and fishing when they want to instead of when they are able to travel. It is also something that many people will use for business rather than simply pleasure. Therefore, it should not surprise you to know that they strive to incorporate the water into their celebrations. Would you like to know how coastal areas celebrate the holidays in a big way?

Festivals for Everyone

A lot of holidays are spent at the “beach” in many areas, especially those that are warm throughout the year. They may also create special holidays that include the water in some way. For instance, a Shrimp festival, Seafood Festival, Independent Film Festivals that are held along the beaches, and more. There are also concerts on the beaches and a kite fest where people attempt to fly their best kite for the longest amount of time. At night, the kites may even end up with lights glowing on them as they sweep and swoop in the sky.

Example Of A Halloween Boat Parade

The Biggest Holidays

Haunted BoatAlong the coastal areas, many of the most celebrated holidays are enjoyed with boating parades. For these events, people decorate their boats for the holidays. At Christmas, they may have lights all over their boat, Christmas trees, and people dressed up as Santa Clause or his Elves. For Independence Day, everyone may decorate their boats Red, White, and Blue or simply ride around as fireworks pop overhead. On Halloween, the boats take on a scarier theme in most cases. Have you ever seen a “Haunted Boat”? Not all of them are scary, some people may create large candies and cover their boat with them to show that Halloween is all about the treats. People on board may also wear costumes, such as a Willy Wonka Halloween Costume or dress up like kids who are there to go treating to see what they can get. The only restriction to what a boat can be turned into for the many parades is possibly the size of the boat and all boats show up. There are john boats and shrimp boats at virtually all parades and all of them end up decked out in a big way.

Celebrations Both Big and Small

Often a boat parade is something that is a part of another celebration. Sometimes there may be street parades that feature decorated floats and then everyone may venture closer to the water where they can enjoy other things. In some areas, especially where people make their living off the water, you may have a weekend where boats are the most important thing. A Blessing of the Fleet celebration is designed to give shrimpers a blessing for a profitable and safe season.

The boat parade, seafood stands, shopping for shell jewelry and other creative efforts from locals, and more. The possibilities of what you will see along the shoreline of any body of water are unimaginable until you are there seeing it. Which celebrations will you enjoy watching this year?

Our Efforts towards Water Conservation & Going Green

GreenLivingConserving water and going green with the way we live is becoming something that more and more people start doing every day. Whereas green living use to mean recycling, it now means not only recycling, but using solar power, walking to work, and doing a variety of other things to ensure our air stays cleaner. Water conservation is also a huge part of our lives, especially in areas that have been hit hard by droughts, such as California. However, it does not take as much effort as most people believe. Are you ready to see what you can do to help with our efforts towards water conservation & going green in your area?

Why Water Conservation and Green Living Matters

Not everyone can afford to install solar panels in their home to live a greener life. For many who wish that they could, it seems like an impossible goal. Cutting down on the things that pollute our environment or use up our natural resources can help. Turning off lights ensures that your power bill stays low, but it also prevents power plants from using as much to power your home. This means less pollution in our air. It is a domino effect, in essence. By making one tiny change to the way your home is run, you can change a little down a long list of potential issues. The same can be done with conserving water. All it takes is a few, very minor upgrades to your home, and you can save an amazing amount of water. This is very useful since one major drought can impact your environment for many years to come.

Upgrade Your Home

bathvanityOne of the biggest upgrades to your home should be in the bathroom. Do you have a leaky faucet or a toilet that runs a lot? If so, you are wasting several gallons of water per year with a leaky faucet, more than that if the toilet runs a lot, and you are wasting power as well, because you have to use a pump to get the water up from inside the ground. You can also take a look at your shower. If you do not have a low flow shower head installed, you could be wasting a lot of water each time that you get clean. The best low flow shower head available is the one that clearly states that it uses less than 2 GPM, but most can use as little as 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute). You will save on water both hot and cold, and you will cut down on the power that you use in your home.

Explore Your Options

Bath Professor has a lot of information regarding how a low flow shower head and different types of faucets can impact your water usage. We can help you to see that if you are concerned about a lack of water pressure with a lower pressure shower head, we can show you how a pressurized chamber can give you more water pressure than you ever dreamed of. Why not at least consider your options and help our efforts towards water conservation and going green?

Magnificent Back Relief

BackPain-300x200Do you suffer from frequent backaches? Are you constantly in pain or does it seem to happen mostly after you have been walking around for a while? For many, walking and pain seem to go hand-in-hand. However, no one really wants to give up walking. In fact, it is sometimes impossible to avoid it. There are errands to run, trips to the grocery store to take, and more. Who has time for backaches? Luckily, now, there are a few magnificent back relief options for you to consider. This could mean that you no longer have to let your aching body dictate the life you live.

Stop the Backaches

Backpainrelief-188x300There are many new options when it comes to getting around. There are machines that you simply stand on and they take you where you need to go. This means that there are no more steps for you to take. They are lightweight and easy to use. All you have to do is be able to balance yourself and stand up. These self-balancing boards come in a variety of sizes. They can take you to and from work, to a friend’s house, or to run errands. They allow you to travel faster than you would normally walk, often going up to 10 mph. All you have to do is stand up and lean in one direction or another to control whether it goes forward or backward.

GoGo-293x300How to find the Best Electric Scooter for Adults?

When it comes to electric scooters, such as the balancing boards, you do need to read through the reviews. This can tell you whether the battery life is sufficient and how long it takes you to charge it up. Reading the reviews will also tell you whether you should be able to use it easily or perhaps may need to consider other options over the one you are looking at. All of these aspects are important. There are some scooters that have no warning that you are about to run out of battery life and many people say that this is dangerous. You need to know what you are risking before you ever climb on board.

Where Will You Go?

With a smart balance board, there is no limit to where you can go. As long as you have a distance to travel, you can turn it on and take a ride. You can avoid the traffic and get where you need to go quickly. They do not cause pollution, they are simple to use, and you never have to worry about putting gas in them. What more could you ask for?

Kids use them to go visit friends or when they are going to school. Adults use them to make their daily commute to work each day. Retired people use them for taking trips to town where they can meet up with old friends. Where will your new magnificent back relief option take you? Anywhere you want for it to as proof that there is life for you, even if your back normally does not allow it.

Magnificent Baby Carrier Relief

Sleepingmask-300x197Ask any new mom about their experiences raising a young baby and the main thing they may complain about is the sleepless nights and backaches that come along with having kids. Simply think about it, when the baby goes down for a nap, it could be the only real time that a mom is able to put her infant down. This means sore arms, sore backs, and perhaps a little dread when it is time to pick the baby up again. That is why moms and dads are all happy that they found some magnificent baby carrier relief.

Why Baby Carriers Work

Most baby carriers are designed to be ergonomic. This means that it is made to support your back while you carry your baby. No matter how long they want to be carried. You will have constant support for your aching body. This is often achieved by having support around your waist and padded straps across the shoulders. Sometimes it may also be cross straps that are padded across the back.

It will provide you with a variety of other health benefits as well because you will never again end up slouching forward or struggling to do your day-to-day chores. Can you imagine being able to fold laundry while sitting up straight and holding your little one?

What is Right for You?

Some women prefer just a basic baby carrier. For them, a search through baby carrier reviews may seem like an unending task, but it is one that is well worth their efforts. You should ask friends who have enjoyed baby wearing to see what they preferred, you should read through reviews to see what other people enjoyed, and if you have a certain hobby, your carrier should accommodate you.

Let Your Hobbies Guide Your Choices

babyreliefWhen it comes to baby wearing, there is no right carrier for everyone. Just because one type worked well for your best friend, does not mean that it will be your ideal solution. Your friend may have simply enjoyed grocery shopping hands free or doing light housework with their carrier. If that is all that you want to do, then great. It may very well work properly. However, if you are more of an outdoor enthusiast and spend weekends out camping with your family, then you may need something different. For you, only the best hiking baby carrier will be more of an ideal solution.

Baby carriers that are designed for hiking are usually lightweight and very versatile. They may hold essentials along with an infant so that you do not have to worry about carrying another backpack along with the baby. They may also provide more support for your body and the baby’s so that it is comfortable, even during the longest hikes through the woods.

This is why you should let your hobby be the guide in choosing the right baby carrier. It will help you to narrow down the amount of research you have to put into it and ensure that you get exactly what you and your little one need. Just remember, if you do not find the right carrier quickly, do not give up your search. The ideal solution is there. You just have to discover which one will give you the most relief from back pain.


Basic Nitrox Fill  Station


It only takes up a 3 x 6 foot corner of the garage.

The components are:

1) Bauer Oceanus Compressor

2) Air and O2 Blender made from PVC

3) Homemade Oxygen Analyzers

4) Oxygen Tank (280 cf “H” tank is pictured, but I use a 330 cf “T” tank now)

5) Welding Regulator (modified)

6) Medical Regulator

7) Manifold, Whips, Gauges, Yokes, clock,

 thermometer, and humidity gauge

Trimix Filling Station

Looks a lot like the Nitrox station above!

The brown tank supplies He to the Air and O2 blender through an additional hose a couple of inches below the O2 supply.  The Atomox He analyzer is connected to the same medical regulator that supplies the downstream O2 analyzer.


–  Bauer Oceanusbauer-280x300

–  220V/Single Phase (30 amp)

–  4.9 SCFM *

–  Synthetic Oil

*  Fills an empty AL80 in about 20 minutes.

Since tanks are rarely empty, the average is 4 AL80s per hour.

Air & O2 & He Blender

Oxygen, airand Helium are mixed in a 2-foot section of 2 inch diameter PVC pipe.

O2 Flow Control

Note:  I have replaced this regulator with a Radnor flow meter as seen below, but I am leaving this description in case someone would like to use this option.

This is a Victor welding regulator.

I installed a #77 orifice from a junk medical reg,  but this would not give me enough flow.  I drilled  out the orifice using a #60 drill bit and replaced the original 120 psi gauge with a 30 psi gauge. The 30 psi gauge allows the needle to deflect to just over mid-scale at the flow rate required for 36% FO2.

Helium Flow Control

This is a a Radnor flow meter.

Unlike the Victor regulator above, which reads intermediate pressure, this is a true flow meter.

Oxygen Analyzers


O2_Meters-300x264I made the analyzers from kits (Oxycheq.com), and mounted both of them in a single box.

The analyzer on the left reads the Fraction of  Oxygen (FO2) after the O2 and air are  blended.  The analyzer on the right reads the  FO2 after the mix is compressed.



O2 Whip and Yokes.


I use two yokes:

1) The CGA 870 yoke is used to fill my  emergency “D” Tanks

2) The Scuba yoke is used to fill a scuba tank that is also for emergency use.


Basic O2 Transfill Whip

(with a few suppliers and prices).

I only use the O2 whip for transfilling my Emergency O2 Tanks.

A Partial Pressure fill whip would need a good “Master” gauge in the proper range

Oil and Condensation Drain

There is a fair amount of pressure released when you drain the condensation from the compressor.  This thing vents the air pressure while trapping the oil and water mist.

I spent $5000 on the Fill Station, but I’m still proud of this 0$ contraption!

Fuel Tank

Original Tank

My 20 year-old aluminum fuel tank started leaking.  I had to cut it in half to get it out of the boat.  You can see the metal bent back near the top of the picture.  The old tank was about 75 gallons.

New Tank

The new tank is 93 gallons, and I had to size it to fit it through the rear hatch without pulling the engine.  This picture was taken after I removed the tank to replace the rudder and rudder port..

New Tank

This view shows how far the tank intrudes into the engine compartment.


Auxiliary Fuel Tank

This is an 11 gallon tank that I bought to give me some reserve to reach the Oriskany (800 ft carrier sunk between Pensacola and Destin, FL).  After I removed the 93 gallon tank to investigate the rudder failure, I used it to motor to a nearby dry-dock.